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Keep your garage door Spotsylvania well-maintained with regular visits from specialists. Whether you have the old-type roll-up garage door or an advanced one with photo eyes and a remote control, our technicians will be able to offer quality repairs and services. Give us a call at (540) 412-7252 for any garage door issues.  

The garage door installed in your Spotsylvania home is more than just an entrance leading to your parking space. It is a part of your house—and a definitely a large and noticeable part. Make sure that it blends well with the theme of your property. You also need to maintain it regularly so it can help improve the overall value of your house. 
Many homeowners choose garage doors with windows to let some sunlight into their garage. Consider the following when having windows installed:
Quality. Invest in a durable garage door window, especially if your garage door is motorized. You don’t want your window to break days after it has been installed.
Style. There are literally hundreds of choices available. Pick out the one that will best suit your garage door or something that will match the other windows of your home.
Safety. As much as possible, choose frosted windows or those that aren’t completely transparent so burglars won’t be able to peep into your garage.
If you need help choosing a window for your garage door in Spotsylvania, contact Caliber Garage Door. We offer a wide range of services for garage doors, from installation and maintenance to repairs. To get an estimate for your garage door, just fill up the form here on our website. You may also call Caliber Garage Door at (540) 412-7252.

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